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Past Events
Autumn 2018

Music at Aden is part of Friends of Aden

Maxwell Quartet

24th October 2018

It was a very welcome experience for Music at Aden to have Liz Stephen, Vestry Secretary guide us through St Drostan's in preparation for the Maxwell Quartet. A beautiful setting.

This exceptionally talented group of musicians played music to celestial heights with extraordinary synchronicity, certainty and charming assurance. They were divine throughout all of the concert, leaving an audience joyously dumb stricken, enthralled and unwilling to move or leave. The performance of the final Beethoven piece was indeed ...utterly superb.

Ruth Smith

photographs by Ruth Smith

Bach Suites for Solo Cello
Gareth John

26th August 2018

It was a chill wind that reminded us that our original thoughts of a performance of all six Bach Suites for solo cello in the open air could have been inappropriate for Autumn. Instead, Gareth John’s clear passion for Bach’s music filled Aden Theatre’s small space with truly magical and glorious sound. With commensurate musical skill, Gareth played these wondrously varied and emotive suites to a rapt, full-house audience of all ages. A beautifully edited and carefully chosen backdrop of projected images, with thought provoking quotations, lent integral musical and visual enjoyment. Hugely successful. Maybe an open-air performance another time?

Ruth Smith

photographs by Charlie Scott